creative strategy in advertising

Look at some ads

Rating form and explanation of how to use it.

Copy platform requirements

Sample copy platforms: Shisu RestaurantMempro, an Alzheimer's drugThai Diner
(Shisu is a small file, about half a meg. Mempro is 3MB and will take a long time to download on dialup.

Sample of TV ad done in Powerpoint. This is a large (8.5MB) zip file. Double-click to explode.

New UA logo files as png and jpg.

UA logo as EPS files: horizontal and vertical.

Download InDesign demo files. When you have them, double-click to explode files. You can also download the files individually: dog, building, text, font.

Sites about recent history:

Events in living memory and how to use the info.

Ages and color, along with a few notes on gender.

Powerpoint 2000 short course handout

Grading schemes for newspaper and magazine ads.

TV video, TV audio and Radio forms as PDFs.

TV video, TV audio and Radio forms as InDesign documents.

Lecture notes