creative strategy in advertising
Copy platform (Powerpoint)  
100 pts.
Newspaper ad (black & white)  
150 pts.
Magazine ad (full color, full page)  
150 pts.
TV storyboard (on paper or powerpoint only)  
100 pts.
Radio ads (two :30s, scripts only)  
75 pts.
Promotion/Premium (produced)  
125 pts.
Final Campaign (folio + disk)  
300 pts
1000 pts.


  • Grades are determined by a combination of team project scores and individual ratings.
  • You will be kept apprised of your grade situation throughout the semester.
  • It is possible to drop a full letter-grade (or more, for borderline students) based on the final project alone. Furthermore, grading is tougher on the final project. By the time you turn it in at the end of semester, you will have had three tries to get it right.
  • Participation is scored by a combination of group evaluations and attendance. Each group member will be asked to evaluate the contributions of each teammate. See the form for these evaluations here. These scores, along with attendance deductions, if any, determine your participation score. You get one absence for free. After that, deductions will accrue. These deductions can be taken at any time during the semester, but are most likely to be taken from final project individual ratings.
  • Other factors influencing participation grades include, but are not limited to
    • in-class participation assignments
    • classroom contributions
    • responsible team participation
    • self-starting when working alone
    • contributions to team projects
    • working well as part of a team

Grades are, as I am sure you know, necessarily subjective, particularly in a course such as this one. If you believe that I have missed the point of a campaign, feel free to discuss it with me. Try to sell me. (No whining, no pleading.) Odds are that if I've missed the point, so will your target audience. But good ideas can often be massaged into successful executions.